Lola's Handmade Peg People - Trick or Treaters

Lola's Handmade Peg People - Trick or Treaters

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Real wood! This sweet rustic peg people represent 3 cute kiddo trick-or-treaters!  A cute black cat, a sweet lil witch and a precious pumpkin!   This group is held together with jute twine and adorned with a handmade fabric trick-or-treat bag.

-Peg witch is black body, moss green head, felt black hat

-Peg cat is purple body, black head, felt cat ears headband, pipecleaner tail.

-Peg pumpkin is orange body and head, jack-o'lantern face hand painted on. 

Cut, stained, painted by hand, each piece is unique and may have more/less imperfections.  

Dimensions: approximately 5.5" x 1.5" x .75" 

Materials - wood, paint, stain, jute twine, felt. 

(Decor in photo not included)